Worker’s Comp Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Are you prepared to cover the expenses of an injured employee? What about the lost wages while an employee is recovering from an on-the-job accident? If you own a business and have employees, you need to acquire workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance not only protects your company; it also protects the health and well-being of your staff. If you’re looking for California workers’ comp insurance, you’re in the right place.

In California, the no-fault workers’ compensation system benefits both the employer and the employee because the employee cannot sue their employer and the employee also does not have to prove their employer was at fault at the time of the injury. As long as the injury was work-related, workers’ compensation can be distributed to the injured staffer. Work-related injuries can range from slipping on a wet surface to experiencing a chemical burn. 

When you purchase a workers’ compensation policy, medical treatment costs and temporary disability payments for injured staff members are covered. This means any accrued medical costs associated with the injury will be covered and any time off work will be paid. This can account for work missed due to doctors appointments or recovery. Temporary disability payments are paid out for up to two years after the date of injury, unless the staffer suffers from a more serious health condition like severe burns or pulmonary fibrosis. These conditions would grant more time for temporary disability payments. In more extreme cases, disability from a workplace accident can be permanent. In these situations, permanent disability payments or life pension payments will be disbursed to the injured employee. If the employee can no longer perform their job functions and was not offered modified employment, vocational retraining costs will be available too. This is also known as supplemental job displacement. This policy covers tuition, fees, and books as well.

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