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With term life insurance policies, the control is in your hands. You choose the length of the contract and have the option to continue coverage once the term is complete. This plan may be right for you if you have any financial obligations that you are planning on covering in the next 10-30 years. Whether you’re seeking term life insurance for temporary needs (like paying off a personal loan or student loans) or are raising children, these plans allow your family members the financial security to continue a standard quality of living and not be responsible for any debts on your end. Not only is this form of health insurance the most affordable, the policyholder is able to cover remaining debts and provide for beneficiaries despite any circumstance that may occur. 

Term life insurance policies are designed to provide peace of mind to family members and loved ones in the event the policy holder passes. Beneficiaries receive the death benefit (which, under this plan, is guaranteed) in the form of a sum of money that is able to cover funeral expenses, bills, mortgages, or any other financial need. If you’re wondering what term length is appropriate for you, consider both the active and future debts you will be responsible for – this may be a loan on a vehicle, mortgage, future college tuition for your dependents, funeral expenses, or even just a simple financial cushion for your loved ones. Consider your longest-lasting debt; that should be the length of your term life insurance. Another good thing about term life insurance? You only pay for what you need. Policyholders and loved ones are granted a financial safety net during the time of your obligations – both present and future.

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